About us

NGO Sport VIV was founded in 2015 with the aims of: promotion of civil society and human rights protection, especially to children and youth with a focus on sports and activities related to sports and sports education; raising awareness of young people and to promote the values of a society of equal opportunity for all citizens, especially the promotion of gender equality, affirming the rights and integration into society of persons with disabilities and to combat all forms of violence, especially gender-based violence and all forms of social exclusion, discrimination and stereotypes; raising awareness of young people and promoting quality of life through the promotion of sports in the lives of young people and the quality of spending leisure time, commitment to ecology and sustainable development and the fight against all forms of addiction and doping.

Non-formal education and employment of young people and marginalized groups,; promotion of health for marginal / vulnerable groups; promoting the rights of persons with disabilities and other marginalized / vulnerable groups; networking with existing civil society organizations at local, regional, national and international level, to work on common goals; Eecouraging, coordinating and organizing sporting and other events, the preservation of cultural heritage and development of amateur sport and civil society.

We are particularly active in working with children and young people. We are participating and organizing recreational sport events for all citizens regardless their age and social background. SPORT VIV gathers experts in raising awareness of all citizens by promoting the values of the society of equal opportunities for all citizens throughout sport activities.

But mainly, Sport VIV gathers experts in all fields of sport (water sports, ball sports, athletics… etc.)

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